For a Congressional Community to grow and be consistent, it goes a long way to have someone at the forefront who is well attuned and connected to the community - that is what a Champion is. Champions are integral in the growth of their communities, as they are highly motivated, reliable individuals who will work to welcome people of all walks of life into their community.

As strong believers in our mission here at Congressional Communities, Champions serve as a resource for the movement to both existing participants in their communities, as well as people who are interested in joining. Those interested in becoming a Champion are strongly encouraged to contact us at in order to work together with us on how you may best serve and reach your Congressional Community.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does championing help my community?

    Championing helps your community by providing the community with a familiar face to trust and build around. It’s much easier to get on board with something if your neighbors are doing it - and that’s where Champions come in. Outsiders of a community can’t help build one, afterall - it takes people who know the community already to jumpstart them.

  • How does championing work logistically?

    Champions work together with the Congressional Communities Team in order to do outreach into their communities and get people involved. This includes spreading awareness of Congressional Community meetings, such as distributing flyers around town, and inviting people that the Champion may be connected to through school, work, volunteer work, etc. to attend the next community meeting.

  • What is expected of champions?

    Champions are expected to be respectful and encourage nonpartisan values among their fellow participants. While a Champion may be responsible for recruiting new people into the community, they are expected to not employ partisan, racial, gendered, ableist etc. bias when doing so.

  • How do I begin championing?

    Those who are interested in Championing for their community may contact Congressional Communities here for further details.